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We're approaching the start of the 2017 season and the team has invested in additional equipment, technology and training and continues to move forward towards competition, with the potential of adding Bjorn Christiansen behind the wheel of the Corvette. We're reviewing potential additional tracks to our schedule this year and will continue to add to the list. 2017 is giving us more experience and taking us in different directions. The technical focus this year will continue to be on aero.

Looking back over the years, we started out simply as Chevrolet Corvette enthusiasts. We decided to make the jump into competitive motorsports after consulting with several race teams, consultants, logging many hours on Ontario tracks, and attending high performance driving schools.

Many people race for many different reasons. Some are born into racing families, where the sport is simply passed down to them as a matter of tradition, while others are born with competition in their blood. Some race for a living and are driven by fame and fortune and for some, like the team at Christiansen Racing, it is a combination of things. For us, it is a passion for a sport that is unlike any other!

I believe that once racing is in your blood it never leaves. We feel extremely lucky that we are participating in something that we truly enjoy. I only wish I had gotten involved earlier. Bjorn Christiansen, however, the youngest on the team, is enjoying success in karting with repeated podium finishes and now has his eye on getting behind the wheel of the Corvette.

We have a long road ahead of us, however, our goal is to prepare Bjorn for competition locally and in North American events. With a passion for road course and rally racing, the team is setting their sights on multi-year runs in both Club and Regional racing, as well as examining the potential for putting a rally team together for Targa Newfoundland.


Mark Christiansen

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